Healing, and Hope, through Horses

“Horses bring us into the present to heal the past” ~Kristyn Fabela, Director of Solia Farm


What is

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)?

In EAP you have horses.  The horses could care less what people say or what they don’t say.   They use their superpower, reading body language. 

I tell my young clients its real life Spidey sense, or Horsey sense.

How do we as humans tap into that super power? It takes a team, of client, therapist, and horses. The trained therapist and certified EAP horse professional observe your interactions with the horse. The horse cannot lie. Its reactions are 100% honest. Then you’ll be instructed to do a task with the horse for 20-30 minutes. After we talk about any observations we had from the interaction. At that point it’s up to you to fill in the why.
This is when EAP steps away from traditional therapy. You just had a real life experience with a horse. It wasn’t a retelling, or reenactment. You get to the truth faster, meaningfully, and with longer lasting impact.
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Solia: (so-lee-ah); "used to be” hurting, sad, hungry, lonely.

Horses minds live in the here and now. At Solia Farm we use horse intuition to put “used to be’s” in the past. Allowing you, your child, and family into a healing present.


Solia Farm is a non-profit as defined by the IRS. We can only help hurting those hurting by generosity of people like you.

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